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Ester Gum

Ester Gum is an important rosin product with many uses in food industries. In some beverages it is used as an emulsifier. It works by modifying the density of oils and preventing them from rising or settling. It also causes some cloudiness. Ester gum is also used in production of chewing gums.

Ester Gum is made by a chemical reaction between gum rosin (or (Hydrogenated Gum Rosin) with glycerin (Glycerol). Ester Gum dissolves in aromatic and petroleum hydrocarbons, turpentine, esters, ketones, citrus and essential oils.

Ester gum that is a glycerol ester of gum rosin may also be called glyceryl abietate or glycerol dihydroabietate. This is due to the fact that Abietic acid is the primary component of wood rosin or pine rosin.


Where to buy gum rosin or pine rosin?

Where to buy Rosin?

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